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Sleeping With Ghosts – Jacen Solo & Tenel Ka Djo

A few years ago Nate and I had some ideas for some Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka Djo (from Star Wars: Expanded Universe/Legends) photos we wanted to take. We put them on a list, got a couple more ideas that would include new costumes and this project was born! It grew a bit here and there and we never had a chance to work much on it (or name it or do anything for it really) but last summer we decided we really wanted to get some stuff done for it since we had been talking about it for so long and had so many notes on things we wanted to do for it! We tentatively called the whole thing Sleeping With Ghosts (after a song by the band Placebo, where the lyric “soulmates never die” stood out to us while listening to music during a plotting session) and ended up going with that name permanently. It fit better than we originally thought so why not? 😉

Jacen Solo & Tenel Ka Djo - Sleeping With Ghosts

So that’s all how it came about — but what exactly is it? It started as a set of photos but has sort of grown into a multimedia collective of Jacen/Tenel Ka related works and things we’ve made. Costumes, photos, fanmixes, gifs, alternate universes — there’s a whole number of things we added into our planning/ideas list and began to work on when we decided we were definitely starting this whole thing.

To stay updated with the project, you can check out the main site for it or follow the tumblrpinterest or instagram!

Here’s a glimpse into just a small part of what we’re doing for this project — the alternate universes!

Jacen Solo & Tenel Ka Djo - Sleeping With Ghosts

  “You know you absolutely cannot post this photo anywhere, correct?”
“Ugh, I know. Political matters, families, blah blah blah. Just let me pretend we’re allowed to be normal for once. And it’s not just any photo, it’s called a selfie.”
“That sounds ridiculous. Who came up with that?”

Yesterday In A Galaxy Next Door is a modern AU and includes Jacen the photography nerd plus his pets as well as his super-secret girlfriend TK – both of whom would rather not be in the public eye but usually are thanks to the politicians in their families.

Jacen Solo & Tenel Ka Djo - Sleeping With Ghosts

“Some called her Lady Caedus for a time until there were whispers of a new designation, which came only after rumors of traitors in the Hapan Council. Those against her went after the most important things: first, her daughter, then the control of her court and finally the safety of her people. She had been a force to reckon with as Tenel Ka Chume Ta’ Djo, but now with supposed new powers and Darth Caedus – often rumored to be Allana Djo’s father – on her side, her grandmother’s supporters finally began to do what they should have done from the start. Fear the Queen Mother.”

The Galaxy Can Burn is a Sith AU and gathers some highlights from some odd timeline where Tenel Ka joins Caedus after something happens to Allana. We know that TK would never go dark/give scrublord Caedus the time of day at this point but it’s always fun coming up with this crazy stuff so why not have a Sith AU? 😉

Jacen Solo & Tenel Ka Djo - Sleeping With Ghosts

   “I know you aren’t really big on jewelry, but I figured this might hold some value to you. Somehow. Maybe.”
“Is that a piece of gort eggshell?”
“What else would it be? Come on, Your Majesty.”

I’d Give You The Galaxy takes a look at some universe where Jacen didn’t go on his five-year journey after the war with the Yuuzhan Vong and instead helped rebuild around him — physically from all the devastation and emotionally with everyone close to him. Also, he visits Hapes a lot for some reason??? Really though, Hapan traditions be damned — these kids are gonna get married somehow (most likely in secret) and this is the AU where it’ll happen!

Jacen Solo & Tenel Ka Djo - Sleeping With Ghosts

    “You know you terrified Allana, right?”
“I know. When I see her–”
“If. If you see her.”

The Galaxy’s Good is a what-if of epic “Jaina not killing Caedus and him possibly being redeemed” proportions. Allana’s with the Solo family (as Amelia), Isolder is dead and the Queen Mother of Hapes wonders if there is a chance that the Jacen she knew could fully return. Ruling the Hapan people for so long though, has stifled any optimism she might have had over the years, so who knows? Maybe Jacen Solo will be a scrublord FOREVER. ETERNAL SCRUBLORD DAMNATION. 🙂

That’s just a small peek at all the stuff we’re working on for this collection. Keep an eye out for updates at the links listed up above if you’re interested! (Also, woo-hoo if you’re interested! More EU & J/TK fans! <3)