BioShock Wedding Bits & Pieces

Since I said Neon Shores was going to be a home for everything creative I do, I figure these related projects should go here.

On Halloween of 2015, I got married to someone who loves BioShock as much as I do (we have a lot more in common and I love him for more than that, but that’s the part that relates to this post so lololololol whoops).

We didn’t have a huge budget for our wedding so we did a lot of the stuff ourselves when it came to decorations, invites, etc. The photos in this post take a look at some of the things I created and worked on (including a thing I worked on well after the wedding) – all of which came out way better than I thought they would!

BioShock Wedding BioShock Wedding

The two photos above are of the centerpieces we had on all the tables. I cut a city skyline out of thin clear plastic with a Silhouette Cameo (those things are magical), spraypainted them black and then attached them to themselves to make them circular. Those went in a vase of rocks, water, and sand and had a blue light stuck in the middle of the city while the vase itself sat on a charger plate decorated with shells and blue butterfly confetti (had to get our love for BioShock 2 in there!). The table names were all places in Rapture and the names were cut out (again, with the magical Cameo) of folded blue paper, then I attached a piece of vellum on the inside of the card and set them each over a tealight (battery-powered, not a real one! XD) so you could see the glow through the vellum.

BioShock Wedding BioShock Wedding BioShock Wedding

The next three photos are our RSVP card and our actual invite – which I designed and ordered from Vistaprint. The fancy address labels came from there too! The purple backings for the invite were cut to size by my mother-in-law (who was my soon to be mother-in-law then!) and then I punched the corners and sides with an art deco-style punch. My hands were sore after all that punching. 😛 The printed part of the invites (which was the part ordered from VP) were then attached to the purple backings with photo corners.

BioShock Wedding BioShock Wedding
BioShock Wedding BioShock Wedding

The last four photos are of a picture frame I made for our one-year anniversary that had a favorite photo of ours from the wedding. The first two photos of it are similar, but you can see the texture from the paint job on the frame way better in the second photo. The whole thing was two wooden frames I bought, painted and put together. The touches I added on it were all related to the wedding – the paint colors, gem colors (on the silver mask) & peacock feather included our wedding/decor colors, the silver mask was for the whole BioShock/masquerade thing we had going and obviously the pictures added on the side are Rapture-related!

I didn’t even have space here for all the photos and rambling of the masks! Maybe one day I’ll post about those crazy things too. 😉

(Many thanks to JeremyDesignz for the centerpiece photos and the wedding photo I put in the frame! :D)