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Glitterati photos by SoulFire Photography

The Glitterati

Now that Dragon*Con is over and Nate and I have time to breathe, I can finally make this post! We held off on posting these on our Zhobot Facebook page because we wanted to make a blog post about them first – mostly about the photographer. The very basics: her name is Sonja, she takes/posts her photos under the name Soulfire Studios and we just wanted to say how amazing she is. Not only does she take really bitchin’ photos, but she really loves what she does and she’s also extremely awesome to work with. 😀

When we went to Otakon, I was having trouble with my foot and was in a wheelchair all weekend. We had a shoot scheduled with her for the Glitterati Street Style (Dance Central 2) costumes and I was worried – since Kerith and Jaryn are dancers and I pretty much couldn’t walk, I was worried about not being able to get any halfway decent photos. I was paranoid (if you know me, you know I am always paranoid about every single thing ever pretty much okay) that this would make me not easy to work with or there would be no good shots that we could get. Sonja said it was no problem and said it would be easy to work around. She had me up for a bit, leaning on stuff (or Nate, haha) and putting weight on my other foot then she would order me to sit in the wheelchair to rest up while she got some shots of Nate. Except for my foot causing things to go a little slower, everything about the shoot was smooth and easy and also very entertaining because besides taking awesome photos, she also has an awesome sense of humor.

She is also super-efficient when it comes to processing and we were pretty much sobbing with happiness and glee only a short time after Otakon. Serious props to Sonja! We adore her and look forward to shoots with her in the future!

Here are a few of the photos taken during the shoot (with the completely remade second version of Jaryn’s jacket! ;D). You can see more on the Glitterati costume page! And be sure to visit SoulFire Photography on Facebook!

The Glitterati

The Glitterati - Jaryn The Glitterati The Glitterati - Kerith