Peg Posse Wedding Crunch!

Wedding Pegs

A good friend of mine got married back in September and I was honored to be asked by her to make something for her centerpieces. I occasionally paint tiny wooden peg people (the Peg Posse!) up to look like people or characters from movies/games/books/etc. and she asked if I could paint some for each of her tables at the reception. Each table was going to be themed after a different fandom that she and her now-husband (who is awesome just like she is <3) are into and there would also be some on the table where the two of them were seated.

Wedding Pegs

Wedding Pegs Wedding Pegs

Above are a couple of photos of the tiny peg madness & the process and below are what sets I painted and photos of each of them!

Wedding Pegs - Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead – Bill, Louis, Zoey, Francis (This video game was something they bonded over a lot when they were first dating so these were the pegs for their table — and also why they are the only bigger ones).

Wedding Pegs - Game of ThronesA Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones – Dany, Tyrion, Jon Snow, Arya, Brienne

Wedding Pegs - Star TrekStar Trek – Kirk, Bones, Spock, Wesley Crusher, Picard

Wedding Pegs - Star WarsStar Wars – Chewbacca, Han, Leia, Luke, Carth, Revan

Wedding Pegs - Doctor WhoDoctor Who – 10th Doctor, 11th Doctor, Amy, Rose, 12th Doctor

Wedding Pegs - MarvelMarvel – Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk

Wedding Pegs - Lord of the RingsLord of the Rings – Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, Arwen, Gandalf

Wedding Pegs - Mass EffectMass Effect – Shepard, Liara, Garrus, Kaidan, Wrex

Wedding Pegs - DisneyDisney – The Beast, Belle, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy

Wedding Pegs - Harry PotterHarry Potter – Dumbledore, Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny

Here are a few detail shots on some of the pegs. Tatooine dirt on Luke’s tunic, Corellian bloodstripes on Han’s pants, and the rank insignia on Picard!

Wedding Pegs - Star Wars details Wedding Pegs - Star Wars details Wedding Pegs - Star Trek details

I’ve been wanting to paint more of these recently but I won’t be able to start on them until some point in the near future because the Zhobot household is going crazy getting ready for Halloween this weekend. This year we’re doing something a little different than we usually do – we’re getting married! 😉