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Happy Saints Row IV Month!

This post could be considered a Happy Late Late Late Independence Day post since I put some of these photos up on tumblr on July 4th, but it could also be considered a WOO LESS THAN TWO WEEKS UNTIL SAINTS ROW IV COMES OUT post as well!

Basically, here are a bunch of different Saints Row IV costume photos we’ve taken over the past few months because LESS THAN TWO WEEKS YES! You can see more in our Saints Row gallery over at our Flickr!

Boss, Kinzie, and Asha - Saints Row IV Boss, Kinzie, and Asha - Saints Row IV

With the help of our friends Denis (the photographer for the Washington D.C. shots) and Bria (a usual partner-in-costume-crime with us as Asha Odekar) we got some photos of our Saints Row IV Kinzie Kensington and Boss costumes as well as a couple of shots of half of a new Matt Miller costume! Nate is currently working on a full one, but he put together the top half for a couple of portraits.

Saints Row IV Month! - Kinzie Saints Row IV Month! - Matt Saints Row IV Month! - Asha

As you can see above, we tried our best to emulate the Cabinet portraits with what we had. We couldn’t help ourselves. HAVE WE MENTIONED HOW EXCITED WE ARE FOR THIS GAME?

Boss, Kinzie, and Asha - Saints Row IV Boss, Kinzie, and Asha - Saints Row IV

The Washington D.C. pictures here were taken the last weekend of June when we went into the city. The always-awesome Denis got some photos of Asha, Kinzie, and the PresiBoss with the Capitol, the Washington Monument (which is under construction/repairs from the earthquake here a couple of years ago) and in the National Museum of Natural History – as well as around the Mall. We took the Metro into the city too, so we talked about the PresiBoss on the Metro and cackled about it.

Kinzie Kensington & Matt Miller - Saints Row IV Kinzie Kensington - Saints Row IV

The next day we grabbed the Cabinet portrait shots of Kinzie and Asha and took a few photos with the Saints flag Bria and I made that weekend (look for a tutorial for the flag here soon :D). A few weeks later we were able to get the Matt portrait and a couple Matt and Kinzie arguments in photo form because wow, they have a history. The one above is probably the photo of Kinzie and Matt with the least bitchface/side-eye in it.

Kinzie Kensington - Saints Row IV Boss, Kinzie, and Asha - Saints Row IV Boss - Saints Row IV

Basically, we’re just extremely excited for Saints Row IV. We hope you’ll join us for the other posts this month as we celebrate Saints Row IV Month! 😀

Boss - Saints Row IV
The Boss “admiring” the Hope Diamond at the Museum of Natural History.