Hellllllo and welcome to Neon Shores! I’m going to copy and paste the first post from my first iteration of this blog and then follow-up with a bit more on the intro-end.

Originally posted on August 17, 2015:

I recently went through a bunch of folders on my computer called amazingly helpful terms like “Crap”, “Shit to sort” & “SORT THIS NOW” – I moved files in folders more suited to where they needed to be. These were few of the photos in the newly created, “photos of my dumb face to put somewhere”… so, everything still needs sorting somewhat. But at least everything is in better folders than such gems as, “NOWDOTHISSHITNOWW!!”

So yeah, I’m Heather and that’s my dumb face up there spanning the years 1998 to the present. What can you get out of these photos? I like Christmas lights? And costuming? And apparently, in 1998 I was bored at a hotel and hid in the closet with a shower cap and an iron. I was in middle school then. I don’t question middle-school-Heather anymore.

This is and I really have no idea what will go here. Rambles about random things I remember, photos I’ve taken, things I’ve written, weird stuff I’ve made– who knows. Stuff. That’s one thing I’m sure of… there will definitely be stuff.

So if you like stuff then welcome to Neon Shores. Glad to have you. 🙂

Basically, was created to be the hub of my original creations — photography, stories, rambles — whatever fit that wasn’t a fanwork (although now fanworks will creep in more than they used to). Now I’m sort of soft-rebooting it here as a general creative hub. Anything I make/do/write — fanwork or original work — will be housed here.

I say soft-reboot because I’m going to move old posts I’ve written from other blogs over here so I have all of my posts and projects in one place.

So again, if you like stuff then welcome to Neon Shores. Glad to have you. 😉