Fun w/ Photomode

Introducing Fun With Photo Mode!

I adore dabbling in photography — whether it’s shots that were taken wandering around a local park, cosplay photos of friends at conventions, or photos Nate and I set up in our makeshift basement studio area (which is really makeshift ;D) — it just brings me a certain type of joy. When video games started including photo modes, I was ecstatic. It was a way for me to capture the amazing settings I couldn’t capture with an actual camera of places I loved to visit (but never really could physically).

So what’s Fun With Photo Mode? It’s me sharing some of my favorites shots I’ve captured in some of my favorite games! It’s gonna be a little lax on the “PHOTO MODE” though, cause I also like to set up shots and then take screencaps if a game doesn’t have a photo mode. I’ll make a note in the post whether the shots are screencaps or from an actual photo mode in the game, but I figure it was easiest to call it “Fun With Photo Mode” and not “Fun With Photo Mode & Maybe Sometimes Screencaps Too”~ 😉

To start off, here’s a shot I grabbed with Fallout 76’s photo mode! It is of my most precious babby, the Wise Mothman, during the Path to Enlightenment event.

Fallout 76
My little bean, look at him giving us all 5%+xp~

Bonus points for Fallout 76 for adding in an actual camera in-game you can upgrade and mod with lenses and decorative gear! Sometimes the environment doesn’t allow for photo mode due to size restrictions in some of the smaller rooms and areas, so the camera item is a must-have in those cases!